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Help! My child wants to be vegetarian

If you’re child has shown interest in being vegetarian or vegan don’t worry. Take a breath! It’s okay. You’re in safe hands with the Veggie Fairy.

In this modern age of google and instant cookbooks on Amazon: there isn’t a shortage of information. The trouble is sorting the essential from the nonessential.

Why Be Vegetarian Or Vegan

1. Google the phrase “why be vegan.” Of course you’ll get some haters out there telling you why it’s unsafe and you, your children, and everyone you know will die: but these claims are based on emotion rather than fact. A. It’s good for your body. B. It’s good for the environment. C. It’s obviously good for the animals.

Add more vegetables

2. Focus on what to add, not what to take away. Many people focus on the “not animal” rather than the “yes vegetables.” Almost everyone I’ve met gains weight when they become vegetarian: I believe it’s not only because they still eat potato chips like it’s a food group, but they end up eating bread and cheese as their main staples. They don’t have a predominant fruit and vegetable diet because they’re filling their craving for fat with white flour and dairy products. A craving for fat is good: go with it! Just choose plant sources such as unrefined coconut oil, hemp seeds, and flax seeds. But again: the bulk of your food should be unpackaged vegetables.


Read the Veggie Fairy

3. Read my blog. Okay- so I’m not a complete narcisist, but I am someone who’s been at it for over 13 years. I’ve read a sickening amount of diet books and cookbooks. I read cookbooks from cover to cover as well as all the major diet books. I read about the human body to no end: I’ve taken way more human biology classes than a non-doctor would ever require. But I’ve tried everything and have wittled down the good stuff for you. I’ll share my favorite recipes and cookbooks.

Try out vegan and vegetarian restaurants

4. Go to vegan restaurants. Though it may not be in your budget to eat out every night: if on special occasion you eat out at a veggie restaurant, find what your favorite foods are and recreate it at home. Google the recipe and you tube cooking instructions. The internet is our free university: though obviously not everything is accurate, trying new recipes is not the most risky behavior.

Drink Whole Green Juice

5. Switch your breakfast to a whole green juice to pack in as much goodness as possible as early in the day as possible. Found out how HERE

If all this free stuff doesn’t work for you, or you don’t have the time, I’m always happy to stop by and teach cooking lessons to you, your kids, or both. My illustrious educational career includes teaching preschool to becoming a credentialed high school arts teacher (and 6 subjects of adult school, if you must know.) I’m happy to teach any age, and make it fun, exciting, and easy. Just EMAIL ME to arrange an appointment!

Whole Green Juice Magic

Roll out of bed to breakfast magic within 30 seconds!

Quicker and healthier than Cheerios and it will wake you up and sustain you until lunch.

What I do is buy green bags (the ones for veggies)and I buy all my leafy greens and put a handful of each per bag. This makes it so me or my groggy husband can crawl to the blender to wake up my giant 11 year old and us with deliciousness.

One large box of pre-washed organic spinach
One large box of pre-washed organic cut kale
One bunch of organic parsley
One bunch of organic mint (or two small boxes)
One box of organic alfalfa or clover sprouts
pineapple juice and/or water
ice or frozen apples

So first I get out 7 or 8 bags and divide the boxes of kale and spinach equally in all the bags. Usually a handful or two of each. Next, I fill the clean, plugged, sink with water and put my parsley and mint in it and swish it around. I spin one at a time in my salad spinner. I equally divide the mint into the bags, and equally divide the parsley into the bags. If you don’t have a vita-mix or blend-tec, remove the stems of the mint and parsley first. Next I rinse the sprouts in a strainer, and then put them in a salad spinner (but first put down a paper towel so they don’t shoot through the spinner.) Then I divide the sprouts into equal parts into the bags.

In the morning (or whenever I want one) I fill the blender with about a cup of water per person. I recommend if you’re a beginner to use pineapple juice instead of water. You can use half pineapple and half water when you get more used to the greens. After you add the one cup of pineapple juice per person, drop the contents of the pre-made green juice bag and blend.

If you have a conventional blender, wait until all the greens are tiny specs and not little leaf bits. Once it is smooth (maybe 3 or 4 minutes)add a cup of ice and a spoon full of honey or other sweetener if you wish. Then blend the ice and honey with the greens and pineapple.

If you have a high power blender, just put the juice, greens from pre-made bag, ice, and honey and blend for 30 seconds (or until smooth.)Even the whole stems will be obliterated and smooth as a juice rather than a creamy smoothie.

My family uses water with 9 drops of stevia and quartered, cored, granny smith apples that we have pre-frozen in a zip lock bag. It’s important to add the frozen apples or ice to the top of the greens in a vita-mix, and not add them first near the blade. It won’t blend on the bottom.

I also add a scoop of Bob’s Redmill hemp protein to my husband’s or he gets hungry before lunch. I’m full with the juice alone.

Anyway, new friends: email me and tell me what you think of this recipe.

I will make a video soon.