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Stuff I Eat: Restaurant Review

Be swept away to another time period on Market Street in Inglewood, California. And while your at it, get thrown into the future of delicious and healthy culinary bliss at Stuff I Eat.

The very first time I ate at Stuff I Eat, a lovely young gentleman tried to impress his vegan date by taking me to this out of the way restaurant. Right when we walked in, we realized that they were already closed. The two people working there insisted that we stay, and made us both custom meals that were delicious! This kind of customer service really is above and beyond, and they won me over by both their kindness and their food.

Since that first day, every time I’ve been there they’ve impressed me a little more. They serve very fresh organic greens along side a wide variety of grains with a main dish of good ol’ fashioned American comfort food: all while being top of the line vegan. They give generous portions at more than reasonable prices in a large space filled with ultra-hip ambiance.

I feel completely comfortable bringing any friend, vegan or not, and feel confident that they’ll be impressed by both the ambiance as well as any item they choose on the menu.

And don’t forget dessert. I had the most beautiful raw “cheesecake” like slice of something called Funky Chunky. It was rich, creamy, and decadent in a way that you’ll definitely feel like you’re being naughty when your actually being pretty nice to your body.

Golden Mean Vegan Cafe


This vegan cafe in Santa Monica was a great find. When we walked in the desserts were on display which looked great.

The ‘works’ burger is a fine choice. It’s a bean burger with all sorts of extras from tempah bacon to avacodo. Nothing that inspired but very tasty.

Decorated with pagan and spiritual symbols. The little cushioned seats are cute and fun to sit in.

I definitely want to head back and try the carrot cake sometime.

It’s mix of burgers and recognizable menu items for non vegans make it an easy choice to bring your meat-eatting buddies.